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Name GLA County
Plymouth Plaza 157,760 Marshall County
1913-2021 North Michigan Street, Plymouth, Indiana 46563
 Leasing Agent
Name Phone Number E-mail
BND Commercial (260) 438-1842 Jessica L. Huffman
1021 S. Calhoun St., Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802

Plymouth Plaza is a community shopping center of 157,760 square feet retail space in Plymouth, IN. This neighborhood center is anchored by national and local tenants including Kroger, Auto Zone, Burger King, Dollar General, Goody's and Ace Hardware. Plymouth Plaza is located on North Michigan Street near a prime freeway (US 30) interchange on a great retail corridor.

Plymouth, Indiana in Marshall County is located along the Yellow River which is 62.3 mile-long tributary of the Kankakee River in northern Indiana. It is located in north-central Indiana at the intersection of US 30 and US 31, which is the first east/west transcontinental highway and first road from the Ohio Valley to Lake Michigan. According to the 2010 census, Plymouth has a population of 10,033 people with a median income of $34,505.

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Plymouth Plaza

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Kroger Fuel Suite: Tenant: SF: A Autozone 9,409 Suite: Tenant: SF: B Available 1,000 Suite: Tenant: SF: C Advanced Services 1,450 Suite: Tenant: SF: D Dental Care Alliance 2,600 Suite: Tenant: SF: E Nail Fever 2,500 Suite: Tenant: SF: F Malibu Tan 3,000 Suite: Tenant: SF: G Family Video 5,800 Suite: Tenant: SF: H UPS Store 1,200 Suite: Tenant: SF: I Ace Hardware 18,000 Suite: Tenant: SF: J Kroger 55,937 Suite: Tenant: SF: K Available 7,150 Suite: Tenant: SF: L Fiesta Salon 2,100 Suite: Tenant: SF: M Expressions dance studio 3,760 Suite: Tenant: SF: N Available 14,570 Suite: Tenant: SF: O Unique Pet Boutique 2,000 Suite: Tenant: SF: P Sprint 2,000 Suite: Tenant: SF: Q Dollar General 7,500 Suite: Tenant: SF: R Advance America 2,000 Suite: Tenant: SF: S Rental-A-Center 4,000 Suite: Tenant: SF: T Burger King Outlot Suite: Tenant: SF: U Pizza Hut Outlot Suite: Tenant: SF: V Dragon Express 1,000 Suite: Tenant: SF: W Stockman Laundries 3,950 Suite: Tenant: J Kroger Fuel


Tenant SF
A Autozone 9,409
B Available 1,000
C Advanced Services 1,450
D Dental Care Alliance 2,600
E Nail Fever 2,500
F Malibu Tan 3,000
G Family Video 5,800
H UPS Store 1,200


Tenant SF
I Ace Hardware 18,000
J Kroger 55,937
K Available 7,150
L Fiesta Salon 2,100
M Expressions dance studio 3,760
N Available 14,570
O Unique Pet Boutique 2,000
P Sprint 2,000


Tenant SF
Q Dollar General 7,500
R Advance America 2,000
S Rental-A-Center 4,000
T Burger King Outlot
U Pizza Hut Outlot
V Dragon Express 1,000
W Stockman Laundries 3,950