Edward is a founding partner of Finkle, Ross and Rost, a New York based accounting and business development firm with over 40 years experience. In 1975, Edward formed Coastal Equities as a way to manage real estate investments for clients. Since formation, he has successfully lead hundreds of transactions for the Coastal Equities team. In addition to real estate investments, Edward has directed investments in companies, securities and other structured investment vehicles. His focus on entrepreneurialism, cost management, risk assessment and cash flow form the fundamental operating and investment strategy for Coastal Equities.

Other team members

Howard Arnberg
Managing Partner
Scott Ross
Managing Partner
Jude Crayton
Director of Leasing
Yannis Delaruelle
Director of Real Estate
Sarah Mendel
Property Manager
Diego Yermoli
Senior Property Accountant
Maria Iglesias
Accounting Manager
Jackie Garner
Accounting Manager
Jared Silverstein
VP - Controller